​Wednesday Wisdom: Opportunities in Social Enterprise

19 Apr 2017 - News

Our Business Growth Manager David Wilson has been in business for himself for the majority of his adult life. From start-ups to mature businesses, traditional and innovative ventures, Dave has done it all in New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

What increasingly occupies his mind is the future of business and how instead of perpetuating global issues such as climate change, declining corporate ethics and rising inequality, it can contribute to the solution. He believes a new economic paradigm will help enormously, one that serves the people and the environment versus the other way around. To date he believes the best model for achieving this is Social Enterprise. Today, he shares three opportunities presented for our communities through social enterprise.

Social Enterprise – what is it?

Social Enterprise is defined as a business driven by a clear and passionate purpose. It trades to make a profit but the profit pays to create a positive impact socially or environmentally. This kind of business can be developed by applying a sustainable business model to a not-for-profit/charity structure or by changing the focus of a traditional business from distributing profits to shareholders to using that profit to achieve a positive social or environmental outcome.

Community Outcomes

Our people are committed to supporting our communities in many ways and we spend a great deal of time and energy doing this for free. Social Enterprise models will allow us to continue this good work while at the same time generating income.

Employment Opportunities & Sustainability

This income generation will help employ our people who have generally gone unpaid, even in cases where they do not have other work and do need extra income. Just as importantly the income will constantly sustain the work done so the cause will no longer be dependent on whether the next round of grant funding is approved or not.

Environmental Focus

Our natural character of supporting our communities and environments give us an advantage in this growing business sector.

By following our passions, and formulating profitable business models from these, the Pacific people have the potential to be leaders in this new economic model. Perhaps, this is the opportunity we have all been waiting for, to do what comes naturally and achieve great things at the same time.