10 Jun 2018

A Week In The Heart Of PBT: A Reflection


Corporate suits. Tupperware. Uncomfortable high heels that pinch toes.

Now if you were to ask me last year, what work life based in an office would be like, my assumptions would have probably begun with something along the lines of those words.

I cannot speak for other office environments, but from my limited (but growing) experience as a new addition to the PBT team, I have yet to come across any uncomfortable looking high heels. Nor have I felt the need to wear any (smart casual dress is a thing I have learned to be thankful for).

But what last year’s me failed to look further into, was the actual work that is completed and how the fruits of hard labour can result in wonderful things.

Fast forward to May 21 2018, the beginning of life in the workforce. The first hours of this week began with thoughts that any of you might have felt on your first day of employment. What my fellow youths may face at the thought of going through a first day of work; fear, excitement and a hunger to learn. Joining the workforce meant I was finally able to achieve the independence that I had always dreamed of! With two events to attend in my first week, I was thrilled to have a chance to see how the efforts my new work team made through hours of preparation, came to life.

On my second day of employment, Digital Moana took place at the Vodafone Events Centre. It was the first time that I had ever been to this type of event. Seeing many different Pasifika people who had thought about addressing problems, creating solutions and taking that next step into keeping their craft relatable, was very empowering and admirable. A specifically memorable presentation was made by Sky Eye’s CEO, Mr. Saili. It really opened my eyes to how advances in technology could resolve and develop areas in the Islands, which could be improved.

On Friday and Saturday, I was able to attend the Startup Weekend Auckland Pasifika. It was great to learn that it was the first of its kind! There were so many new faces to meet and everyone had a strong sense of passion about what they were doing- whether they were mentoring, or learning. I was able to gain inspiration from aspiring Startup Business creators, as well as new friends from the Cook Islands Development Agency New Zealand (CIDANZ). They worked very hard to cater throughout the whole weekend, providing beautiful and tasty food, which felt like a trip back to the Islands!

Although there is more to work than attending events and enjoying food – who doesn’t like enjoying food though, my friends – seeing Pasifika ingenuity these past few days has shown me a glimpse of why the Pacific Business Trust and various partners, work hard to make sure that potential and existing Pacific Businesses have the support and environment for growth and innovation. Working at Pacific Business Trust is much more than corporate suits, Tupperware and uncomfortable shoes and I can’t wait to continue this learning journey!


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