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29 Jun 2020

Business Advisor Auckland - Recruiting Now

Supporting Pacific businesses and entrepreneurs in New Zealand. Applications close Tuesday 14 July.
24 Jun 2020

Le Va Pasifika Suicide Prevention Community Fund

Applications close on Tuesday next week on 30 June, so don’t delay if you’d like to apply.
09 May 2020

Contact Tracing in Level 2

As Pacific businesses get back on their feet contact tracing and health and safety is now front of mind for many people – how to do this as we get closer to alert level 2.
05 May 2020

Sole traders, self-employed and small business now entitled to $10,000 Government loan

The Government will provide interest free loans for a year to small-to-medium sized businesses affected by Covid-19
24 Apr 2020

Finding solutions for cash flow

Cash – it’s king and it’s a problem right now for many Pasifika businesses
17 Apr 2020

Need Some Help? PBT Supporting Pasifika Businesses

Need some help? The Pacific Business Trust is a support network created to exclusively help Pasifika businesses and sole traders.
22 Mar 2020

COVID-19 Support

Apply for Covid-19 Support for your Business
06 Aug 2019

Pacific Business Trust Welcomes New Chairperson

The Pacific Business Trust welcomes newly appointed Chairperson Tevita Funaki to lead the Trust’s through an exciting phase of business transformation.
27 Jun 2019

A New Dawn: Pacific Social Enterprise Summit

Pacific Business Trust held its inaugural Pacific Social Enterprise Summit on Tuesday 18 June 2019 at the Vodafone Event Centre in Manukau. Read Board Member Fa’amatuainu Tino Pereira’s remarks on the event.
29 May 2019

SUP 2: Born in New Zealand, Citizens of the World

For couple Winston & Gina, SUP 2 strives to reflect the Kiwi attitude through their uniquely bold designs. Read on to hear more about their story.
08 May 2019

Diggin’ the Scene at Lifestyle Fitness

Olenito Peauafi is passionate about Health, Business and securing a future that his sons can thrive in. Check out the article below to learn more about his business journey!
08 May 2019

Board Member Departure: Tiumalu Peter Fa’afiu

After 3 years of dedication and contributions to our PBT board, we wish Tiumalu Peter Fa’afiu farewell and best wishes for the future. Read the official statement here!
28 Feb 2019

Pacific Business Trust Announces CEO Departure

Announcement: Pacific Business Trust announces the departure of Chief Executive Officer Kim Tuaine.
15 Jan 2019

New Year, New Drive

This year we are grateful to see Jaemen assume the position of Business Strategists / Virtual Hatch CEO. Here is what he has to say, about his reflections and thoughts for the future.
23 Dec 2018

Treasury Paper – The New Zealand Pacific Economy

The Treasury’s Pacific Strategy recognises that the contribution of all New Zealanders in every facet of the economy and society is necessary for New Zealand to enjoy a robust, sustainable and competitive economy
19 Dec 2018

PBT and HATCH End Year in Style

The Pacific Business Trust’s inaugural HATCH cohort celebrated the first year of the programme while welcoming the 2019 intake in style at the spectacular Grounds Eatery in Henderson, West Auckland
30 Nov 2018

Konimaq – Here to S L A Y you with that Island Glow

Woman, Mother, Multi-faceted Entrepreneur. Last week our PBT Team had the privilege of interviewing Koni Rairoa of Konimaq.
31 Oct 2018

3 Things I’ve Learned During My Entrepreneurial Journey

Today our Business Coordinator Kaveinga wants to share 3 key lessons she has learned during her entrepreneurial journey.
01 Oct 2018

End of a chapter. Not of the story.

Reflecting on the move from Porirua to Wellington City
07 Aug 2018

Diversity In Our Workplaces

Today Vahanoa talks about the benefits of diversity in the workplace. How a diverse range of upbringings, expertise and opinions, is beneficial to problem solving and providing quality services
30 Jul 2018

The Inheritance

Check out our CEO Kim’s thoughts on finding the right words. A revelation of how “cultural proficiency” is immeasurable.
25 Jul 2018

Introducing: Lillian Arp

Meet Manaui Media Limited CEO & Founder Lillian Arp. Check out her story and advice she has for Pacific people wanting to start a business!
23 Jul 2018

Arts, Culture and People

Check out our Business Strategist Richard’s insight on pacific arts benefiting a tech platform!
18 Jul 2018

Be Fearless, says Parris

Choreographer, dancer, director and Pacific businesswoman Parris Goebel, urges upcoming Pacific entrepreneurs to be fearless
17 Jul 2018

Perfection – My dragon

Today our Programme Manager Eseta ponders the worth of perfection and how it’s ok to ask for help
11 Jul 2018

Being Enough

Today our business strategist / hatch – virtual CEO Tim reflects on identity- what it means to be diasporic in our day and age, and the importance of understanding and supporting diasporic youth.
06 Jul 2018

Celebrating Success

Business Strategist David shares his insights on the Pacific Business Trust Awards, the importance of recognizing pacific business success and all achievements that takes you to accomplishing business goals.
02 Jul 2018

Support by the Pacific + Recognition for Business = Trust in the Future

This week, Jaemen reflects on this year’s Pacific Business Trust awards and the importance of Pacific people uniting to celebrate our achievements and success.
28 Jun 2018

Pacific Biofert – 2018 Pacific Business

Pacific Biofert, winner of the 2018 ATEED Pacific Business Award
28 Jun 2018

Parris Goebel – 2018 Pacific Legacy

Parris Goebel, winner of the 2018 Pacific Legacy Award
28 Jun 2018

Rachel Lewis – 2018 Pacific Woman in Business

Rachel Lewis (Devitise), winner of the 2018 Sisters United Pacific Woman in Business Award
27 Jun 2018

Moana Research – 2018 Pacific Social Enterprise

Moana Research, winner of the 2018 Pacific Media Network Pacific Social Enterprise Award
27 Jun 2018

The Food Company NZ – 2018 Pacific Innovation

The Food Company NZ, winner of the 2018 Microsoft NZ Pacific Innovation Award
26 Jun 2018

Kokiti Workshops – 2018 Pacific Impact

Kokiti Workshops Ltd, winner of the 2018 Panuku Development Pacific Impact Award
25 Jun 2018

Jitel Contracting – 2018 HATCHing Pacific Business

Jitel Contracting, winner of the 2018 Massey University Hatching Pacific Business Award
23 Jun 2018

Parris Goebel accepts inaugural Pacific Legacy Award

Choreographer, dancer and Pacific business woman Parris Goebel has accepted the inaugural Pacific Business Trust Legacy Award at the 2018 National Pacific Business Trust Awards
19 Jun 2018

Introducing: Shaileshni Chand

Meet Shaileshni the Founder/Director of Ganesha Consultancy, Business Advisory Services and Chartered Accountant. Hear what she has to say about being a Pacific Woman in the Business World and be inspired by the advice she has to give!
17 Jun 2018

Building Solid Networks

This week our Business Strategist Richard, gives insight on the importance of networking and how engaging with people can be useful in improving connections in businesses.
12 Jun 2018

Internships give a career path opportunity!

Today our Executive Assistant Vahanoa, discusses the benefits of completing an Internship, and how her Internship experience has shaped her skills for the better
10 Jun 2018

A Week In The Heart Of PBT: A Reflection

A look into the taste of employment and a week of working with PBT, written by our newest edition to the team: Elizabeth!
06 Jun 2018

Navigating Business: learning from Pacific wisdom – Exploring the Va

Musings of a Polynesian in the ‘uncharted’ waters of commerce.
21 May 2018

Getting behind #PacificProsperity – how your support could change the world

Business Coordinator, Jaemen Busby shares his thoughts on supporting Pacific Businesses
08 May 2018

Business with cultural values in a Western world – whoa?!

Business and culture. Can they truly be compatible in a Western world?
07 May 2018

Kiwa Nuanua Pacific Tech Summit

Pacific Business Trust holds Pacific Tech Summit 'Kiwa Nuanua'
06 May 2018

Pacific Tech – Let’s Create IT

Business Strategist, David Wilson shares his thoughts on the Tech Industry
03 May 2018

Global Connect: Making Connections

Supreme Winners at the 2016 National Pacific Business Trust Awards, the couple reflect on their business journey which includes more than their share of triumphs and tribulations.
22 Apr 2018

Imagining Pacific Prosperity through Magnitude 7

Jaemen Busby reflects on the inaugural Magnitude 7 Pre-accelerator Programme
23 Mar 2018

Friday Forward: Day in the Life of an Intern

Vahanoa Vea shares her thought on being an Intern at PBT
15 Mar 2018

Friday Forward: Learning How to Pitch

Business Strategist Richard Taurima talks about why pitching is an important skill to have, to advance your business forward.
14 Mar 2018

Navigating Business: How do we ‘sell’ culture safely?

In this new series #NavigatingBusiness Business Strategist & Hatch lead Tim Swann asks the uncomfortable questions. Today, he looks at the tension between commercialisation and culture.
07 Mar 2018

Thursday Thoughts: International Women’s Day

CEO Kim Tuaine share some thoughts on International Women's Day
01 Mar 2018

Navigating Business: learning from Pacific wisdom – Reciprocity

Musings of a Polynesian in the ‘uncharted’ waters of commerce
22 Feb 2018

PBT CEO’s ‘Aha’ Moment

Meet Michael Moynahan - A Hatch Youth Programme mentor
08 Feb 2018

Mentoring Pacific Entrepreneurs

Kirsty Campbell about Mentoring Pacific Entrepreneurs
01 Feb 2018

To Be Recognised By Her Pacific Business Peers

Nalini Baruch, winner of the Pacific Woman in Business category at the 2016 National Pacific Business Trust Awards, looked as surprised as anyone on hearing her name announced at the presentation ceremony.
19 Dec 2017

Treasury and Pacific Business Trust to identify New Zealand’s Pacific economy

The Treasury and the Pacific Business Trust (PBT) have formed a joint project to identify the Pacific economy in New Zealand.
18 Dec 2017

The Way to SimplyFi

Bringing a slow-moving industry into today’s fast-paced service delivery environment without compromising quality content, the Busby family are developing an innovative cataloging application