All Stone & Rock: Crafting Success With The Youngest Of Nine
21 Dec 2023

All Stone & Rock: Crafting Success With The Youngest Of Nine


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  • EOY Shared Lunch with ButtaBean Motivation

  • Summer Waters Alert: A Message of Safety and Care

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Youngest of Nine Leads Family Business: All Stone & Rock

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Meet the father and son duo behind All Stone and Rock, a Tongan family business who with the help from PBT, were awarded a multi-million dollar contract to provide the stone work around Auckland Airport.

All Stone & Rock, a specialised stone craftsmanship company catering to residential, commercial and civil projects throughout Aotearoa was founded in 1999 by Lemeki Tagi, who, with the support of his children, now operates the business as a dedicated family team. The Tagi family's commitment to craftsmanship has fueled the company's success, bringing quality and excellence to the stone game.

In an exclusive interview with Lemeki and his son, John the pair discuss how the company started by specialising in residential projects before expanding into commercial projects. As we dive into their journey, it is evident that All Stone & Rock is not just a business; it's a legacy crafted with passion, resilience and a shared vision for creating lasting impressions in stone across diverse projects.

Lemeki, originally en route to the United States to begin the transition of moving his family there, said it was by luck that he stopped by New Zealand. He was captivated by the greenery, which led him to relocate his entire family here instead.

Lemeki and his wife, Sesilia Tagi raised 9 children. The youngest among them, John is the project manager for the family business. John shared that his exposure to construction sites began at a young age, as his father would take him to various sites. As he watched his dad over the years, something sparked an interest in the work. John completed his Masters of Architecture earlier this year and has chosen to dedicate his commitment full-time to assisting his father in running the business.

Navigating the balance between work and family life, John acknowledges the need to switch between his business persona and his role within the large Tagi family. With a track record spanning over two decades, All Stone & Rock achieved a significant milestone early this year when they secured a multimillion-dollar contract for constructing all stone work for the Auckland International Airport.

Lemeki and John attribute their growth and success to the support they have been receiving from Pacific Business Trust. From attending our accounting and risk management workshops to one-on-one mentorship, as well as accessing our grants for services support, this engagement has had a transformative impact on their business, contributing to their growth and success in the competitive industry.

To find out how we can support your business, call us on 0800 287 7526 or email, and our team will be able to assist you.

Workshop Wrap up 2023

This week, we wrapped up our final workshop for the year with Employment Rights and Obligations. Thank you to all our attendees for an amazing year. It has been a pleasure to serve both clients, service providers and business owners from all walks of life.

Your commitment and participation have made our workshops a success. As we reflect on the knowledge shared and the connections made, we look forward to the new year.

Wishing everyone a joyful holiday season and a prosperous New Year filled with growth and learning. We can't wait to continue this journey together in the new year. Thank you for being an integral part of our business community.

EOY Shared Lunch with ButtaBean Motivation

PBT hosted a shared lunch with Dave Letele and the ButtaBean Motivation team before the end of the year. Our CEO, Mary Los'e, says this was a special opportunity for some of our team members to bring homemade Pacific and Māori kai to the people who are serving our community.  

Summer Waters Alert: A Message of Safety and Care

As we gear up for the holiday season, please be safe around the water. In 2022, Aotearoa witnessed a concerning increase in drowning incidents, claiming the lives of 94 individuals—the highest toll in a decade. Shockingly, 85% were males, primarily aged 35-44. The report attributes this surge to a startling 66% increase in powered craft fatalities, constituting 31% of all drownings.

Notably, Northland (8), Auckland and Canterbury (both 6) reported the highest casualties related to powered craft incidents. Tragically, multiple fatality events occurred in Auckland (2 deaths), Northland (5 deaths) and Canterbury (5 deaths).

22% succumbed to accidental slips or falls into the water while 20% drowned while swimming 26% perished offshore, 23% at the beach and 22% in rivers and streams.

As we step into the summer season, let's make safety a top priority! Exercise vigilance around water, especially in powered craft areas. The urgency to reduce incidents cannot be overstated.

Learn crucial water safety tips at Stay Water Safe and in emergencies, dial 111.

Together, let's make this summer a season of enjoyment. Stay safe, stay vigilant! 

Reminder PBT Closedown Period

As we farewell 2023, this year has been one of growth, challenges and achievements. We are grateful for the support of our clients and partners and dedication and hard work of our team.  

Our offices will be closed from Thursday, December 21 and will reopen on January 8, 2024. See you in the new year.

'Ofa ke mou ma'u ha kilisimasi lelei mo ha ta’u fo’ou monū’ia (Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year).

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