Be Fearless, says Parris
18 Jul 2018

Be Fearless, says Parris


In our post-awards video interview, Parris Goebel reflects on becoming the inaugural recipient of the Pacific Legacy Award, which acknowledges Pacific business leaders and businesses that have been consistently successful over a number of years.

Having contributed to the arts, business, youth and the Pacific community, Parris was recognised for creating a legacy for Pacific people, young women in particular.

It’s an honour which continues to awe her.

“To be recognised and celebrated by my people is special. It’s actually one of the most meaningful awards I’ve ever won,” she says.

“For someone like myself, who has worked really hard to make my dreams come true and inspire other Pacific people, to be rewarded for that is encouraging and empowering. It lets me know I’m doing something good.”

It’s important for Parris to continue “to keep providing opportunities and platforms”, not just to everyone that comes through her company, but also the wider community of Pacific women who may feel inspired and empowered by her story.

Parris attributes her ability to achieve and create such a legacy to encouragement by her father Brett, as well as to her Pacific heritage and the Pacific qualities she holds dear.

“Us Pacific people, we work hard and we make do with what we’ve got, even if we don’t have much,” she says.

“My Pacific heritage has played a huge part in who I am, what I’m about, what I stand for and what means the most to me; family, love, giving back, service.”

The Legacy Award was presented to Parris by the Hon. Carmel Sepuloni, Minister for Social Development and Disability Issues, Associate Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage and Pacific Peoples.

“This recipient has already made her mark on the global stage of her chosen profession. We could not think of a better Pacific person to honour as the inaugural recipient,” said Minister Sepuloni.

The Legacy Award will not necessarily be presented at every awards evening. But a key focus of this year’s awards was to ensure its success by aligning it to our strategic direction of transforming innovation into commercial success, with a focus on the future.

Parris offered invaluable advice for upcoming Pacific entrepreneurs.

“It’s our time to shine, we have this raw energy within us that people recognise and celebrate when we show it,” she says.

“My advice is to be fearless, show what you’ve got within you, shine and you’ll be surprised by the world’s reaction … the world will celebrate you.”


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