Brushstrokes & Business: Workshop, Tips and Events
28 Feb 2024

Brushstrokes & Business: Workshop, Tips and Events


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  • A brushstroke can tell a thousand stories of dedication - Sevin Decorating

  • Meet our Business Navigator - Nancy Lauifata

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Welcome to our first newsletter of 2024!

I have been in the role as Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Business Trust for 12 months. Over the year, we have connected with business communities across Aotearoa New Zealand and provided support and services to help Pacific businesses flourish. Now, it’s time for us to grow, innovate and create pathways to intergenerational wealth for our Pacific communities. To do this, we are investing in our people, providing mentoring opportunities, connecting with prominent business leaders and enhancing our support and services to serve you, our community.

We currently support more than 2000 Pacific owned and operated businesses throughout the motu, employing more than 120,000 people across many industries. This is a significant contribution to the Pacific economy, our communities and New Zealand economy. Like our parents who came before us, we share the same desire to have a better future for our children. Pacific Business Trust exists to shape this future, and we are privileged to work alongside you every step of the way.

We had the opportunity to share some of our recent successes with Hon Dr Shane Reti, Minister for Pacific Peoples when he and Secretary for Pacific Peoples, Geraldine Clifford-Lidstone, visited our office on Thursday 15 February. The Minister was impressed with the work we do, and particularly the businesses we support and work alongside. Minister Reti recognised our alignment of achieving the Government’s vision for business everywhere to grow and thrive. As the Pacific economic development agency we look forward to working closely with the Minister by empowering our Pacific businesses, and elevating the contribution you bring to our communities and Pacific economy.

On Friday 16 February, I was invited to meet with the Mayor of Auckland alongside some of the most influential business leaders in the country at the Auckland Industry Leaders event. This was an opportunity to take the floor and bring our Pacific owned businesses to tables, places and spaces we have not had direct access to before. Since that hui I have been overwhelmed by business leaders connecting in wanting to find out more about what PBT does, and how we can work together. Over the next 12 months, we will continue strengthening our relationships with mainstream businesses and advocating for you. Building strong connections to support your businesses growth is a priority for us and we’re proud to be on the journey of creating pathways of intergenerational wealth for our Pacific communities.

You may be interested in reading a piece in the NZ Herald about my own journey. Click here to read the full story on NZ Herald website.

Our business, and the service we provide you, can only improve with your help. I invite your feedback and ideas about how we can grow and innovate as business leaders 2024. It’s time.

Malo 'aupito

Mary Los'e

Chief Executive Officer

Book Now - Health and Safety Workshop

This week we are hosting our Health and Safety workshop on Thursday 29 at our Penrose office. Thank you to those who have already registered. Click here to make sure to secure your ticket.

A brushstroke can tell a thousand stories of dedication – Sevin Decorating

In the world of entrepreneurship, some stories stand out not just for their business acumen but for the passion that fuels them. Pete and Karla are the proud owners of Sevin, a painting decor business that eptimose these principles. Driven by a shared vision of excellence and family values, Sevin is more than just a business; it's a testament to dedication and care.

For Pete and Karla, the driving force behind Sevin started during the COVID-19 pandemic. The decision to start their own business was rooted in a desire for flexibility and autonomy. They envisioned a space where quality reigned supreme, where each client's home would become a masterpiece. "Our vision was to do our own thing," Pete explains. "Just wanted to go do it but I wanted to make my family money."

Like any entrepreneurial journey, the early stages weren't without hurdles. Making connections, balancing work and life, understanding the difficulties of the business world - these were just a few of the challenges Pete and Karla faced. Yet, their commitment to quality and authenticity guided them through. "Asking for help, sticking to your word, understanding your market," Karla and Pete emphasise, highlighting the core principles that steered Sevin towards success.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Pete said "Ask for help" while Karla emphasises the importance of authenticity and pacing oneself. Their journey underscores the value of trust, intuition and community support.

Sevin's journey was further enriched by the support of the Pacific Business Trust (PBT), which provided invaluable resources and networking opportunities. Reflecting on their experience, Pete and Karla express gratitude for the guidance offered by the team at PBT.

As Sevin continues to grow, Pete and Karla remain grounded in their family values. Their business isn't just about painting walls; it's about their clients' homes and creating lasting impressions. Pete's passion for his trade and Karla's support form the bedrock of Sevin's authenticity and success.

Pete and Karla's journey exemplifies the power of vision, resilience and community support. As they paint each stroke of the brush, they dream to create a home their clients never want to leave. Sevin leaves an indelible mark on every family it touches, making the journey home a truly cherished experience. Click here to find out more about their services.

Meet our Business Navigator - Nancy Lauifata

Meet Nancy Lauifata, our Business Navigator who hails from the beautiful shores of Fiji. Having joined our team just four months ago, Nancy brings with her a wealth of experience and insight, complemented by the presence of her two lively boys.

In her role as a Business Navigator, Nancy is an expert at identifying her clients' needs, whether it's time, cash or direction. She knows the ins and outs of navigating the business world, serving start-ups and industry leaders alike, ensuring they have a clear path to follow. Nancy's knack lies in filling in the blanks and guiding her clients through the twists and turns of entrepreneurship.

Outside of her professional career, Nancy finds comfort in her morning Bible readings. She's also a proud mom and holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, making her a true powerhouse.

With Nancy, it's more than just having a navigator; it's like gaining a trusted buddy in your business journey. She's dedicated to helping her clients smash their goals every step of the way, building relationships that last on success and support. So when you visit us next, come and say hi to our Nancy.

Community Events

  • 2 March: Pasifika Celebration Day (Levin)

  • 2 March: Northland Pasifika Fusion Festival (Whangarei)

  • 9-10 March: Pasifika Festival (Auckland)

  • 16 March: Canterbury Polyfest (Christchurch)

  • 20-23 March: ASB Polyfest (Auckland)

  • 23 March: Moana Nui Festival (Dunedin)

  • 6 April: Kids Arts Festival (Auckland)

Did you know?

Starting from December 23, 2023, all New Zealand employers, regardless of their size, can utilise 90-day trial periods for new employees. Previously, these trials were limited to employers with fewer than 20 employees, but now they're open to all. Click here to read more.

Upcoming Workshops

Exciting workshops await you! Don't miss out on these valuable learning opportunities. Mark your calendar and reserve your spot today! Feel free to invite your business partner(s) to join us for an enriching workshop session.

Wellington | Thurs 7 Mar from 7pm

This workshop helps business owners identify construction opportunities, prepare tenders, negotiate contracts, and meet pre-qualification standards for health and safety, compliance, and project management.

Wellington | Thurs 7 Mar from 5pm

This workshop aids business owners in navigating construction opportunities, tender processes, contract negotiations, and meeting pre-qualification standards like health and safety, compliance and project management.

Auckland | Thurs 12 Mar from 4pm

This innovative workshop by Pacific Business Trust helps business owners prepare annual returns for company registration and compliance. It covers an introduction to annual returns, required information, post-filing steps, and implications of non-compliance

Auckland | Thurs 14 Mar from 4pm

Gain insight into New Zealand's employment laws, covering employee rights, agreements, leave, wages, and dispute resolution to ensure fair and compliant workplaces for business owners

Auckland | Tues 19 Mar from 5pm

This innovative workshop by Pacific Business Trust helps business owners prepare annual returns for company registration and compliance. It covers an introduction to annual returns, required information, post-filing steps, and implications of non-compliance

If you have any questions or feedback you'd like to share with us please click here to get in touch.

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