06 Jul 2018

Celebrating Success


Last Friday at a glamorous event in Auckland we gathered in the hundreds to celebrate the success of our top Pacific businesses. It was a special occasion punctuated by fine food, tuxedos and great entertainment. The highlight though was the acknowledgement of the National Pacific Business Finalists in each category and the crowning of the winners.

Each winner entered the venue as just another entrepreneur. Prior to the evening they had spent their week toiling away, more than likely focused on the outcomes that needed to be achieved and then planning the next tasks for the weeks and months ahead. Living the demanding continuum of entrepreneurial life.

But that night something special happened. The spotlight shone on what they had achieved. A massive crowd of supporters, dressed in their finest, rose to their feet, broke the chains of relentless pursuit and gave pause to focus on the achievements of our winners.

It was a grand celebration of success. And as wonderful as the ‘grand’ part was, it was the actual ‘celebration’ that was so profound. Although this applies to all of us, in all endeavours, it is vital for entrepreneurs to stop and recognise their achievements, big and small.

If we do not take the time to recognise what we do there is grave risk of losing perspective on just how far we have come. In the face of a vast future of things-to-do this perspective has a direct correlation to physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. It’s a long time between awards nights so it is important to find ways to do this for ourselves, our wellbeing and to support our longevity.

As I write this I am reflecting on all of the tasks I have ticked-off this week and wouldn’t you know it…I’m starting to feel pretty good about myself. I’ve actually achieved a mountain of important things that my mind had simply filed away in some murky cabinet. Some of them I had only ticked off a couple of hours ago and yet they have frighteningly become distant and insignificant already. Just giving them a little air and appreciation is quite profound. I feel more confident, there’s a sense of pride too, even my ‘imposter syndrome’ is receding as I actualise my value and service. That little exercise was pretty easy and incredibly powerful.

Celebration of significant success or simply recognition of daily work completed, we can all do this and we should all do it regularly. It creates the self-belief and resilience we need to weather the challenges of business. We can conquer challenges when we are cognisant of how far we have come and what amazing feats we are capable of. On the other hand, it is much more difficult to overcome tough times when we are not consciously connected to the reality of our capabilities and achievements. Furthermore, in the absence of immediate challenge, it quite literally raises the enjoyment of our endeavours and of simply being ourselves.

I’m having a ‘casual Friday’ in jeans, there is a half-eaten muesli bar on the desk beside me and my entertainment is a picturesque view over Bunnings carpark. It’s a far cry from last Friday’s black tie and canapes at Eden Park! But, the feeling is similar. It’s the feeling of success, that what I have achieved today is significant, meaningful and I am celebrating that right here and now. What’s more is that I believe this is going to make me happier, more effective even more successful tomorrow.

So pause, connect, take a bow and feel the sweet winds of success filling your sails.


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