Diggin’ the Scene at Lifestyle Fitness
08 May 2019

Diggin’ the Scene at Lifestyle Fitness


Located in the heart of Downtown Auckland amidst the buzzy rush of white collared professionals, students and everyday people, stands Lifestyle FitnessLifestyle Fitness is a Pacific family owned gym available to customers around the clock, with 24 hour accessibility. Lifestyle is a friendly and inclusive gym which prides itself in being able to accommodate to people from all walks of life.

Our PBT team was lucky enough to meet with Tongan-born Director/Personal Trainer Olenito Peauafi, to learn more about Lifestyle’s vision. Read on to hear more about Lifestyle’s journey.

About Lifestyle:

Lifestyle Fitness Gym originally opened in 2007. In 2017, Olenito purchased Lifestyle Fitness and he has been running things ever since, along with his eldest son Micheal and support from his family.

Location: Level 4, Scene One, 2 Beach Rd, Auckland.

Primary service: Exercise & Personal Training

Main message: To give people the care and support they deserve through exercise.

Olenito: As fitness professionals, my team helps people find their inner strength and life meaning through exercise. We exercise our members in a way that encourages their determination to succeed. They tell us what they want to achieve, and we work with them to achieve their goals through exercise, education and general support.

I: Tell us about your beginnings and how your interests in the Fitness Industry grew

OlenitoI have a passion for fitness, science and business and what it takes to be healthy, strong and to live for many years. After high school my first job was a Laboratory Technician position for two years at Vaiola hospital in Tonga, before I left to study in New Zealand.

Putting together the three areas of interest, I knew I could manage a business doing something I like, while also helping others at the same time. By owning this business, I also have the chance to employ and guide my children-so that they can learn and grow in a business environment.

I: When did you get into business, and how did you know that it was the path for you?

Olenito: I started with selling a few things on TradeMe also renting and buying houses. I graduated with a Bachelor of Business, Diploma in Applied Business, Diploma in Biochemistry and a New Zealand Certificate in Science from the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand and Auckland University of Technology. My son Michael who manages the gym also has a Business degree, both Michael and I also hold a level 5 Personal Training Certificate. 

After being employed at a number of companies and completing all my studies, the time was right to focus on business so here I am at Lifestyle Fitness.

I: How did you know that Lifestyle, could scale as a business? 

Olenito: I reviewed the forces affecting the business identifying the strength, weakness, opportunity and threats.

I: What inspires you to keep running your business?

Olenito:  It’s helping people and my family. Making sure my sons understand what it is like to work hard, but also to have the opportunity to be comfortable. Owing a business is a challenge that requires a lot of effort and creates a lot of stress but it is worth it. One day I would like to pass on management of the business to my sons. 

My youngest son Leon is an athlete who does well at a national level in the New Zealand Special Olympics. He has a condition called Williams Syndrome which may limit his employability. As such, I want to provide employment for him in the future through this business. 

I: What would you like people to see when they look at your business. 

  • We want to be the best.

  • We also want people to know that this is an inclusive gym.

 I: What is some advice that you’d like to give our Pacific Entrepreneurs out there?

  • You’ve got to be prepared for the hard work. You cannot turn a poor to profitable business or good business to a great business in one day. 

  • It’s important to always be present within your business when starting up. Take care of yourself and spend time with the people you care about.

I: What can we expect in the future from Lifestyle Fitness? 

Olenito: A future goal I have is to build the business up to a level that will enable Lifestyle Fitness to expand to other locations.


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