Employment Rights and Obligations
16 Aug 2021

Employment Rights and Obligations


Are you up to date on Employment Rights and Obligations in 2021? PBT can help. We’ve put together a fantastic workshop to help Pasifika.

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  • Understand Your Obligations as an Employer

  • Get Upskilled and Updated in our NEW Employment Rights and Obligations Workshop

On Thursday, August 26th, our new ‘Employment Rights and Obligations’ workshop will be held in Porirua, Wellington.

For business owners who already employ people or for those who are planning to, it’s vital you know your obligations to your employees. Making sure you act as a fair employer will help your business to thrive.  

This workshop is also highly useful for contractors who are tendering for work. Corporate organisations and the Government are increasingly mindful of the supply chains they commission, and they seek reassurance that employer’s understand their obligations and employment standards are being upheld.

  As an attendee, you will gain a valuable understanding of the laws that govern our workplaces. The following topics will be covered:

  • Employee Rights and how they differ for employees, contractors and volunteers

  • Employment Agreements

  • Trial periods

  • Public holidays

  • Rest and meal breaks

  • Minimum wage

  • Health and safety

  • Bullying, harassment,and discrimination

  • Redundancy and dismissal

  • Resolving problems

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Sick Leave Increase   

Employers should be aware that minimum sick leave entitlements have increased from 5 to 10 days per year from 24 July, 2021. Employees get the extra five days per year when they reach their next entitlement date. Learn more at Employment New Zealand.


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