Empowering Pasifika Businesses to Grow and Thrive
19 Feb 2021

Empowering Pasifika Businesses to Grow and Thrive


Today, the Pacific Business Trust (PBT) celebrated the refresh of its Procurement Support Service to enable Pasifika businesses to take advantage of significant opportunities to grow and generate more employment and wealth within Pacific communities.

You don’t have to be a large corporation to work on some of New Zealand’s high value or high impact projects – you just need to understand how to get involved and that’s where PBT can help.

Business owners and buyers came together in a virtual event to learn more about what’s on offer and how Pasifika businesses can engage with Government, Local Government and the Private Sector, how to prepare their business, be competitive and ensure they are ready to meet the procurement requirements of buyers.

More opportunities are opening up for Pasifika businesses after the Government indicated it wants to use its procurement services to support broader social outcomes for New Zealand including helping Pasifika businesses to grow and thrive.

PBT’s refreshed Procurement Support Service provides Pasifika business owners with culturally-tailored, industry-leading knowledge to support them as they step up and take advantage of procurement opportunities both now and in future.

PBT can provide differing levels of support depending on your business needs and maturity. These include:

  • A new series of workshops in the areas of Health and safety, Environment and Sustainability, Subcontracting Legal Rights, and Risk Management

  • Tools and resources to help assess opportunities and prepare for tendering

  • Grants to access specialist support services relevant to procurement

  • Personalised and targeted support to add high value growth through commercial advice and specialist professional services relevant to procurement.

Health and Safety and Construction are key focus areas and PBT can support your business with Safe365 Maturity Assessments, the Tōtika prequalification accreditation scheme and Environment and Sustainability guidance, help developing and submitting robust tender responses and providing tailored commercial advice through our network partners.

Learn more about our Procurement Support Services by downloading our Brochure (6MB pdf).

How to get advice for your business

If you are a Pacific business owner and would like to explore how our Procurement Services can support your business growth, please register your details and one of our team will be in touch.

Register Your Details for PBT's Procurement Support Services

How buyer organisations can get involved

If you are a buyer organisation and interested in learning more about PBT’s Procurement Service and how you can support Pasifika businesses in procurement processes, please get in touch with the PBT Procurement Support Service team on 0800 287 7526 or info@pacificbusiness.co.nz.


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