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21 Jan 2022

HATCH 2022! Sign up today


Happy HATCH New Year Everyone 

2021 was an amazing year for HATCH Pacific. Over 90 participants from all over Aotearoa completed our programmes in the first 3 months!  We even had participants tune in from France and the Solomon Islands. The team was joined by an array of incredible guest speakers such as Sir Michael Hill and Andrew Fa'avaleDamon Salesa.   

Since launching HATCH Pacific we have witnessed so many wonderful inspiring stories. Some of the stories include: 

  • The launch of Manulua run by Tom Va'afusuaga. His vision is to provide people living in the Pacific Islands with the best tools to fight and adapt to climate change, including providing appropriate clothing.

  • The product launch of Masina Creative run by Amanda Stowers. Masina Creative recently released a pack of Pasifika postcards (needless to say they are all beautiful) and Amanda has a series of exciting activities in the works!

  • The registration of 28.Collective run by Joshah Ruta (Instagram - @28.collective). A few weeks into our HATCH Programme, Joshah registered his business as a company!

Another exciting update is the addition of our new HATCH team member - Nelson Annandale

As a senior director for MAU Studios, Nelson has helped craft and implement a range of regenerative solutions advocating for the self-empowerment of communities throughout the Pacific and Aotearoa.  

A social entrepreneur at heart, Nelson’s professional career has seen him take part in the transformation of both corporate organisations and government programmes in New Zealand through to smaller NGOs and grassroots enterprises in the Pacific. He is particularly excited about the prospect of working with young and aspiring entrepreneurs at HATCH and attempting to reshape the narrative for Pasifika businesses.

Our Team this year is working really hard to deliver another amazing year of HATCH.  We have a suite of amazing initiatives and activities in the works! Please keep an eye out for regular HATCH updates and follow the HATCH Instagram Page. 

There are multiple HATCH intakes starting over the next few weeks and there are a couple of spaces available for the intake starting next week.

HATCH is for Pacific people between the ages of 18 to 35 years and who are looking for support to turn their business ideas into reality. It is a free, fun and exciting short programme. 

What you need to know:

  • HATCH Pacific is free for participants. 

  • Programmes run from 6 weeks to 8 weeks.

  • Content is delivered once a week, online (via Zoom) – so you can dial in from anywhere!

Other benefits include support with technology to join the programme, access to the HATCH online community and access to an incredible Global Mentoring programme (where participants will connect with experts from across the world!).

For more information and to register check out hatchpacific.co.nz or email hatch@pacificbusiness.co.nz

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