Jason Venus Resilience & Upcoming Workshops
28 Nov 2023

Jason Venus Resilience & Upcoming Workshops


In this newsletter,

  • Pricing To Win & Storytelling Workshops

  • Summer Studios - Pacific Days Show

  • PBT Christmas Closedown 

  • Pacific Language Series 2024

  • Resilience in Action: Jason Venu's Story

Pricing To Win & Storytelling Workshops

As we approach the end of 2023. We have Pricing to Win and Storytelling for Business workshop lined up in the next two weeks. Thank you to those who have already registered, if you have yet to, please secure your spot now! 

Our facilitator Saimone Lolohea is an experienced Quantity Surveyor of Tongan descent and will share his extensive knowledge and experience on receiving and dealing with tender submissions.  This workshop supports business owners with:

  • Pricing for construction – basic concepts

  • Building up the price

  • How price is evaluated

  • Essential resources will be made available to participants including pricing templates and quoting guidelines. 

On Tuesday 12 Dec we will be running our Storytelling for Business workshop in Wellington at the Pataka Art + Museum at 17 Parumoana St, Porirua. This workshop has been developed with Pacific experts for Pacific businesses and your facilitator Albert Pati will share his own expert advice, tips and techniques to help you with yours. You will learn how to:

  • Building your own your successful elevator pitch

  • How to become a better leader and inspire others through storytelling

  • How to create your business story that gives meaning and impact

  • Build and share your business narrative 

There will be opportunities for networking over light refreshment at the end of the two workshops.

Register Here

Summer Studios - Pacific Days Show 


Tune in to our weekly talanoa with 531PI to hear the story behind Summer Studios. Creative Director Summer Lloyd and Tutor Vaopule Siva share insights on creating a dance haven focused on well-being and women's empowerment.

Summer's word of encouragement to anyone who is watching, "Go with where you're at right now. Don't wait for everything to be in order. There's no reason why you can't start now and seek out people who can assist and guide you along the way."

Our Business Navigator Lesley Vehekite has played a crucial role in guiding and connecting Summer with other businesswomen for mentorship and support. Learn about their recent showcase, MOOD, and the rich tapestry of emotions it explores. 

Click here to find out more about Summer Studios.

PBT Christmas Closedown

This year has been one of growth, challenges and achievements. As we reflect on the past months, we are grateful for the support of our clients and partners and dedication and hard work of our team.  

Our offices will be closed on Wednesday, December 20 and will reopen on January 8, 2024. See you in the new year.

Pacific Language Series 2024

Halo olaketa to our Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea business owners.

The Ministry for Pacific Peoples has added two additional languages, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, to the Pacific Language series for 2024 bringing the number of language weeks to 11.

Resilience in Action: Jason Venu's Story

PBT had the opportunity to sit down with Jason Venu, the owner of Coversure, who shared his business journey.

For many of us, the morning alarm can be a dreaded sound. However, for Jason, it's a call to action filled with purpose. He talked about the mindset shift from "I had to get up to provide" to "I now want to get up." This change in perspective is a testament to the power of passion, driving him to wake up each day with the enthusiasm to make a difference for his family and community. 

Jason's path to success was through networking. He said going outside his comfort zone, expanding his horizons and establishing connections beyond his immediate circle was crucial. It's a reminder that growth often happens when we step outside our comfort zones and embrace challenges as opportunities. 

What sets Coversure apart is its mission to reach the uninsured and break the cycle of financial hardship. Jason understands that education is the key to achieving this mission. Coversure doesn’t just sell insurance; it protects, educates, and builds trust within its community. It's about quality, not quantity, with a small and dedicated team leveraging technology to make a significant impact.

Coversure's commitment to providing support extends beyond Aotearoa as they recently expanded their operations to the Philippines. Their mission to educate and protect knows no boundaries.

Coversure ensures proper education for its team and clients by making insurance understandable. They employ a visual approach, using software to demonstrate the real impact of insurance. When education is done right, people understand the true value of insurance, empowering them to make informed decisions.

For Jason, passion isn't just a fleeting emotion; it's a lifestyle. He encourages us to align ourselves with successful mentors, to learn from those we admire, and to trust in ourselves and our team. It's a mindset that propels us toward our goals.

His advice is simple: "Be your own." Trust in your abilities, focus on your business, and understand that when one door closes, another opens. In the journey of growth, some people serve their purpose and others may not align with your vision.

Jason's journey includes being recognised as an award finalist last year at the Pacific Business Trust Awards. Despite facing challenges and a lack of support earlier in his career journey, he shared that the growing networking opportunities he’s been able to establish at our workshops have turned adversity into growth.

Jason’s story is a reminder of passion, determination, and what pursuit of a great mission can lead you to achieve.

'Ofa ke mou ma'u ha uike lelei (Have a great week).


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