New Construction Contracts
12 Jun 2020

New Construction Contracts


We have a number of opportunities coming through from our work with large suppliers, contractors and businesses who are seeking Pasifika businesses and tradies to fulfil contracts and project work. We will be regularly updating this webpage in the coming months as opportunities come through to us so please check back for updates!

Posted Friday 12 June 2020

We have contracts for companies and workers in the following areas:

  1. Ribraft Foundation

  2. Concrete Placing

  3. Public Drainage

  4. Private Drainage

Immediately we are looking for drainage companies for four contracts based in Auckland – the jobs are expected to commence within 2 – 3 weeks so please let us know if you are interested in this opportunity by sharing your contact details using the link below and we will be in touch with further details:

Sign up here:

Deadline for this round of contracts is by close of business Tuesday 16 June.

Please respond no later than the close of business Tuesday 16 June.

More contracts and projects to follow soon!

About PBT’s Construction Support and Procurement Services

The Pacific Business Trust (PBT) is the Pacific economic development agency of New Zealand and is mandated to offer all Pasifika businesses and organisations assistance with Construction Support and Procurement Services.

PBT helps connect Pasifika companies and workers with new contracts and projects and we are:

  • actively participating in procurement processes,

  • actively participating in larger government procurement projects

  • supporting business to scale up sustainably through things like procurement support

  • connecting workers and businesses to contracts as opportunities come through to us.

PBT can also connect Pacific businesses and sole traders who Join our Community with a number of expert advisors as part of the private and confidential service we offer.

We have a renewed vision to be a navigator and leader in supporting Pacific people to thrive in business and employment, leading to more prosperous outcomes, increasing capability, capacity and profitability, and improving wellbeing for the benefit of our people and our communities. We hope we can be of service to you now or in the future.


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Fast-track your business growth and success with the right support behind you.