Teuila's Journey as Wedding Planner
10 Aug 2023

Teuila's Journey as Wedding Planner


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  • Redundancy to owner of iTraffic - Rau Tangiiti on 531PI

  • Upcoming Foundation Programme Intake

  • Teuila Benioni - Seamless Wedding Experience

  • Final Reminder - Risk management workshop 

  • Next Week - Pricing to win workshop

Redundancy to owning iTraffic - Rau Tangiiti on 531PI

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In last week's talanoa with 5.31PI, Rau Tangiiti, the founder of Independent Traffic, shared his inspiring 21-year journey from a hospital employee to a successful owner of a traffic management company. Facing redundancy at the hospital, Rau's life took a turn when a close friend offered him a job in traffic management. Little did he know that this opportunity would lead him to future success.

As Rau moved up the ranks, his boss at the time discovered his expertise for handling office tasks, thanks to his background in computers. This skill enabled him to become self-employed and later a valued sub-contractor to Downer.  

Today, he proudly owns his own traffic management company, boasting an impressive team of over 233 employees and a fleet of 100 vehicles operating throughout New Zealand. 

With branches in Auckland, Silverdale, Whangarei, Hamilton, and Tauranga, Rau's company is flourishing with iTraffic involved in major motorway road and infrastructure projects across the country. 

Rau's commitment to his people and dedication to providing safe traffic management solutions stand as a testament to his true character. His relaxed, positive, Cook Island approach has proven to be an asset in a high-pressure industry. 

Grateful for the support he receives through Pacific Business Trust, Rau encourages others to seek help when starting their own businesses, emphasising the importance of genuine support. "I appreciate the workshops they put on, not only for myself but also for those who are starting their own businesses. I always encourage anyone who starts a business to seek help. It's not embarrassing to ask for help, especially if the help is genuine, and I believe that's what Pacific Business Trust has done."

Through hard work and perseverance, Rau's journey is a reminder that with the right mindset, anything is possible. "Never give up; we can do it." 

If you know someone who needs support with their business, reach out to us at info@pacificbusiness.co.nz or call our team on 0800 287 7526.

Upcoming Foundation Programme Intake

Join our upcoming Foundation Programme starting on August 15th, designed to equip you with essential business skills. Whether you dream of becoming a business owner or are contemplating a career in business, this programme is the perfect fit for you. The best part? 

  • No previous business experience required 

  • No qualifications required 

  • No business idea required 

Don't miss this opportunity to register and secure your spot or share the link with a friend who might be interested. Take the first step towards your entrepreneurial journey today with us! 

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Teuila Benioni - Seamless Wedding Experience

Seeing first-hand the challenge of planning a Pacific Island wedding inspired Teuila Benioni to become a wedding planner.

Teuila, of Samoan, Croatian, and Cook Island descent, is today the proud owner of 'Wedding She Wrote,' a wedding planning service that helps Pacific couples and others from diverse backgrounds, plan their special day. 

Teuila grew up in the heart of Otara in South Auckland, where she saw the stress of planning a Pacific Island wedding and observing brides who were not 100 percent satisfied with their special day. 

She was determined to make things easier for couples, setting up her business, realising her dream.  Teuila's reputation grew as more people heard about the seamless experiences she delivered at each wedding, prompting many couples to seek her services.

In our interview with Teuila, she shared her mission - to create a magical and cherished experience for each couple, making the wedding planning process stress-free. 

She wanted her clients to fully immerse themselves in the joy of their celebration, so they could fully enjoy their special day without any worries.

Throughout her journey, Teuila sought support from Pacific Business Trust where she received business consultancy guidance and accessed instrumental resources that contributed to the growth of her business.

Teuila's story is a true testament to hard work and dedication and her favorite motto is, 'Teamwork makes the dream work.' 

With her passion and commitment, Teuila continues to create unforgettable wedding experiences leaving a lasting impact on couples from all walks of life.

To learn more about her journey or to get support, check out her page here.

Final Reminder - Risk Management Workshop 

Final reminder for our Risk Management workshop this Thursday. Thank you to everyone who have already registered. Reminder that this workshop will be held at the Pacific Business Hub - Unit 6/20 Lambie Drive, Manukau Thursday, 10 August  5:00 PM - 8:00 PM.

This workshop introduces you to key risk management concepts and techniques you can apply for your business. This will allow you to understand how your organisation can identify, understand and manage risks and opportunities, and thereby increase the likelihood of achieving your objectives covering the following topics. 

  • Risk Identification 

  • Risk Analysis and Evaluation 

  • Risk Response and Treatment 

Secure your spot now to learn about risk management and elevate your business to new heights! Catered Pasifika dinner will be provided at the end of the session.

Don't wait! Register now or call our Procurement team on 0800 287 7256 if you have any questions. 

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Next Week - Pricing to Win Workshop

Reminder for our Pricing to Win workshop next Thursday at our office in Penrose, Auckland. Thank you to everyone who have already registered. Developed in collaboration with our work with large suppliers, contractors, and businesses seeking Pasifika enterprises to fulfill contracts, this workshop shares the very latest knowledge and expertise on tender pricing and best practices.

During the workshop

  • you'll explore essential concepts for pricing in construction

  • learn how to build up the price

  • understand how the price is evaluated.


We'll also provide you with resources including pricing templates and quoting guidelines. Plus, our facilitator Saimone will offer an external perspective on receiving tender submissions.

At the end of the workshop there will be catered dinner provided allowing an opportunity to connect and share experiences with other entrepreneurs in the room. 

Click here to secure your spot now. Thank you for your ongoing support, and we can't wait to see you at our next series of upcoming workshops!

Thursday, 17 August 2023 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Pacific Business Trust Level 2, 45 O'rorke Road, Penrose

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Have a great week! 


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