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21 Oct 2022

Upcoming Events for your Calendar


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  • From under pressure to under control

  • Introducing ConCOVE Project Fund

  • Book now - Wellington procurement readiness workshop (27 Oct)

  • Expression of interest for digital short courses - Pukekohe

  • You’re invited to the Pasifika Chefs, Health and Allergy Awareness Kai (4 Nov)

  • Labour day – Public Holiday Entitlements (24 Oct)

  • New measures to combat migrant worker exploitation

  • Prepare for the holiday season  

From under pressure to under control

Reducing the pressure we operate under is about changing our behaviours, which is why we are proud to support First Steps NZ.

Coping is about having the right behaviours, and over the last six months First Steps have listened to over 70,000 business owners and leaders who have shared how they respond to pressure and then have converted their experiences into useful tools for positive wellbeing.

This self-directed platform will take you from being under pressure to being under control.

First Steps is a space to find a range of resources, video content, podcasts, and tools to help you make sense of challenging situations, reduce pressure, and make meaningful change toward a fulfilling and balanced life. In additional to self-directed resources, First Steps provides access to confidential support from approved professional wellbeing providers,

First Steps, providing mental health and wellbeing support to people in business across New Zealand. 

Visit First Steps Today!

Introducing ConCOVE Project Fund

Do you have a project idea that might benefit the future of the construction and infrastructure sectors?

ConCOVE want to hear all about it. ConCOVE’s mission is to deliver projects that benefit learners, employers, and industry, and address issues and opportunities with significant strategic impact. They would like find what these projects are, and what changes you'd want to see investigated.

ConCOVE have funding available and a highly skilled portfolio management team ready to help you explore, expand, and refine the ideas and take them to the next level. We have relationships we can lean on to bring the associated parties on board.

All ideas are welcome. Even if you don’t have all the details yet, let's start a conversation. 

Submit a project 

Learn more about ConCOVE

Book Now - Wellington Procurement Readiness workshop

If you are based in Wellington, then you might like to head along to our Procurement Readiness workshop on 27 October.

This workshop was developed in collaboration with our work and large suppliers, contractors and businesses who are seeking Pasifika businesses to fulfil contracts. They reach and share the very latest knowledge and expertise on Procurement and are looking to teach business owners on how to:

  • Identify and assess construction opportunities

  • Prepare and submit tenders

  • Contract negotiations and management

  • Pre-qualifications required such as health and safety, compliance, and project management

  • Our guest speaker will share insights to a buyer’s perspective with the groups.

There will be opportunity for networking over catered dinner.

Where: Pataka Art + Museum

Address: 17 Parumoana Street, Porirua City Centre, Porirua 5022

When: Thursday 27 October 2022 4PM – 7PM

Register Here

Invite a friend of business partner(s) and make sure to book to secure your spot!

Expression of interest for digital short courses - Pukekohe Are you a start-up business owner who is looking to upskill your digital capabilities? Or perhaps you’re looking to transition into the digital space?

The Pasifika Digital Knowledge Bank is a Māori and Pasifika-owned social enterprise that aims to promote and increase creativity and well-being in the Franklin community.

They are looking to deliver short courses for 2 hours a week over the next 3 weeks for those in the Franklin community.

Short courses

3 weeks intro to podcasting (2 hrs a week)

3 weeks intro to website development (2 hrs a week)

3 weeks intro to app development (2 hrs a week)

3 weeks intro to accounting (2 hrs a week)

3 weeks intro to business startups (2 hrs a week)

3 weeks intro to PC repairs (2 hrs a week)

3 weeks intro to digital media (2 hrs a week)

3 weeks intro to digital literacy (2 hrs a week)

3 weeks intro to building rockets (2 hrs a week)

3 weeks intro to building robots (2 hrs a week)

WHERE:Pasifika Digital Knowledge Bank, located at Level 2, 7 Hall Street, Pukekohe (opposite McDonald's). WHEN: Dates will be confirmed based on registration. The interest will also determine the age groups.  Register Your Interest 

To find out more information on these courses contact Akerei on 642 741 02192 or email admin@akthomsonltd.com.

Register Your Interest

You’re invited to the Pasifika chefs, Health and Allergy Awareness Kai

Looking for something to do on Friday 4 November? The chefs at Gia’s Grab & Go are hosting a Pasifika Health and Allergy Awareness Kai where they will recreate their take on Pasifika food.

It’s a 6-course tasting menu with beverages to compliment the meals along with talanoa on how to manage food allergens, make better food choices and hear about the health benefit of using pure and local ingredients.

So come along and bring a friend or two and enjoy a delicious plated menu on us while grooving to our live music and entertainment.

Where: 123A Captain Springs Road, Onehunga, Auckland

When: Friday 4 Nov at 6:40pm – 10:30pm

Tickets are $80 pp so book now to reserve your seat by emailing info@giasgrabgo.co.nz. Yum!

Labour day – Public Holiday Entitlements

Did you know, New Zealand was the very first country to adopt the eight-hour workday?   Labour Day was established in 1900 to recognise the trade unions’ efforts in achieving this milestone. Observed on the fourth Monday in October, this year the public holiday takes place on 24 October.   Employees get a paid day off on public holidays if it’s a day they would normally have worked. If you're unsure about the rules surrounding public holidays, check out Employment NZ’s online advice, or use our ‘Otherwise working day calculator’.

Click here to find out more

Get your tickets here

New measures to combat migrant worker exploitation 

The Government has introduced the Worker Protection (Migrant and Other Employees) Bill, to better protect migrant workers from exploitation. The Bill will strengthen current measures and introduce new ones to address employer non-compliance with employment and immigration law. The changes build on the reporting and protection measures rolled out in 2021 and will include establishing an infringement regime. Those convicted of migrant exploitation will also be disqualified from managing or directing a company and be named in a public register. Research shows that migrants most at risk of exploitation lack basic knowledge of their employment rights. A new community-led education pilot has been set up to help raise awareness and understanding about worker rights and employer responsibilities.

Find out more about the proposed measures to combat migrant worker exploitation Read the findings of our research into migrant worker exploitation If you are aware of a breach of minimum employment rights, you can report it, see online form.

Prepare for the holiday season

Christmas is fast approaching, which can be a stressful time for many businesses. Now is the time to plan business basics such as staff rosters, entertainment expenses, and public holiday pay. Get started with business.govt’s helpful checklist.

See the guide.


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