Upskill and Grow Your Business with PBT Workshops
14 Jul 2020

Upskill and Grow Your Business with PBT Workshops


We have launched today a new series of workshops that share the very latest thinking and expertise. For all existing and new Pacific businesses who have Joined Our Community the workshops are free to attend.

The workshops are designed to enable Pacific business owners, entrepreneurs and sole traders gain new skills, knowledge and tools to tackle the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, accelerating their business growth.

Beginning later this month, nine half-day business workshops will commence, themed around:

  • Business Strategy;

  • Accounting and Tax;

  • Finance;

  • Customer and Digital;

  • Storytelling Crafting Your Business Narrative;

  • Social Enterprise Business Models and Impac­­t Measurement; and

  • Procurement Readiness and Pricing for construction businesses.

PBT designed the workshops in consultation with Pacific businesses and large businesses specialising in supply chains. In addition, PBT collaborated with Ākina Foundation on social enterprise eco-systems and with Deloitte on necessary skill sets for successful businesses.

The workshops start in Auckland later this month and will be held in Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch in the coming months.

The industry-specific workshops for construction and social enterprise will be held first, book your seat now:

Construction Procurement Readiness - Auckland

Tuesday, 28 July - 3.30pm to 7.30pm

Developed in collaboration with our work with partners, contractors and businesses who are seeking Pasifika businesses to fulfil contracts, this workshop shares up-to-the-minute knowledge and expertise on procurement.

The session will look at taking participants through the high-level view of the procurement process. Understand the process of the pre-tender stage to identify and assess whether you should commit your limited resources to pursuing the tender.

The second half of the session takes you through the tender process, from tender submission, evaluation, contract negotiation, compliance and project management. 

Our guest speaker will share insights into a buyer’s perspective with the group.

Construction Pricing and Tendering - Auckland

Tuesday, 4 August - 3.30pm to 7.30pm

This workshop supports businesses owners with the basic concepts for pricing, understanding how to build your pricing from client requirements and demonstrating good practice.

Industry pricing, standards and evaluation looks at trade pricing, preliminaries and generals, provisional sums and margins.

Essential resources will be made available to participants include pricing templates and quoting guidelines.

Social Enterprise Overview - Auckland

Thursday, 30 July - 3.30pm to 7.30pm

Gain tools and tactics to develop a strong social enterprise strategy. Participants will be introduced to social enterprise fundamentals, the current Pacific Social Enterprise landscape and the value of social procurement as a lever to create social outcomes in the community.

Early stage businesses or those developing a new product or service will be guided through impact measurement, business models and structures.

This session looks at entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise from a Pacific context, and introduces the Social Lean Canvas and participants get the opportunity to work through their canvas during the session.

Impact for Social Enterprise - Auckland

Thursday, 6 August - 3.30pm to 7.30pm

Designed for those who are in the early to more advanced stages of their social enterprise business journey. This workshop supports Pacific businesses to understand the impact of your organisation on your community and learn which services/products you are offer are working and which ones need to be adjusted.

The session also looks to discuss impact from a funder’s perspective, to understand their requirements when you are seeking to access funding and capital. To build an impactful story with stakeholders, starts with understanding how and what you are impacting in the community.

This is a highly interactive session, participants create an impact model for their business and learn simple measurement techniques that can be used to assist with reporting.

For more information about the workshops including dates and locations, please click here:

For further information, call PBT on 0800 287 7526.


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