Wellbeing, Risk Management & Building Business Capability
15 Nov 2023

Wellbeing, Risk Management & Building Business Capability


In this newsletter:

  • CEO Mary Los'e insights on Māori & Pasifika representation in NZ Politics

  • Fonofili Ili - Pacific Days Show

  • CTA Professional Services Business Owners

  • Tapping in to wellbeing - Gumboot Day

  • Risk Management Workshop 

  • Global Dream - Danika & Tumua's journey

  • Book your tickets to Mana Moana

  • BA Seiuli on PFFS Business Capability Building

  • Upcoming workshops

CEO Mary Los'e on Māori and Pasifika representation in NZ Politics

Tune in to hear our CEO Mary Los'e's perspective on the upcoming government changes and what this means for the Māori and Pasifika communities. Speaking on The Front Page podcast, Mary spoke about the drop in Pacific voters during the recent election and stressed the need for the community to get involved for better representation.

Mary recognised strong Pacific talent in the National Party but expressed disappointment over the lack of Pasifika voices. The podcast, featuring Mary and other Pacific leaders discusses how the new government might affect Māori and Pasifika communities. Click here to check out the full episode on The Front Page podcast.

Fonofili Ili - Pacific Days Show 

Watch Here

Business owner Fonofili Tauamiti Ili is the founder of Fono's Clothing & Accessories shop located at 409 Worcester Street, Linwood in Christchurch. Born and raised in Savai'i, Fonofili spent most of her life in Samoa before moving to New Zealand. Over time, she noticed people were coming to their house for haircuts by her husband and encouraged him to venture into barbering as a business. Their journey began in 2012 when they opened a barbershop. Fonofili noticed the spot next door was available, sparking her interest in starting her own business.

In her interview with Pacific Days Show host Ma'a Brian Sagala, she shared their journey through lockdown, overcoming challenges and being made redundant from her job and eventually to the opening of Fono's Clothing & Accessories. Tune in here to hear more of her story. 

Don't forget to check out her store - Fono's Clothing & Accessories at 409 Worcester Street, Linwood, Christchurch, visit Tues - Fri 9:30 am - 5pm or Sat 9 - 5pm.

Every Tuesday we partner with Pacific Media Network. If you are interested, sign up here to get the support your business needs and get in touch with our team via media@pacificbusiness.co.nz to share your story.

CTA Professional Services business owners

Do you operate a business in the Professional Services sector? Are you ready to take the next step in procurement or tendering for government opportunities? Have you lacked the support or know-how to tender for a government contract? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, contact us via procurement@pacificbusiness.co.nz or call 0800 287 7526 to find out how our Pacific Procurement Support Services can help you. Our friendly team of business advisors can help you through the process and demystify the procurement journey for your business.  

Tapping in to business wellbeing - Gumboot Friday

Every year New Zealanders recognise and acknowledge Gumboot Friday, an event committed to delivering immediate, free counselling to young Kiwis in need of mental health support. This year PBT checked in with the team at Ezy Traffic Management and had the opportunity to sit down for a talanoa on their day-to-day business operations.

To show your support click here or get in touch with the team via team@gumbootfriday.org.nz 

Risk Management Workshop - Book Now

This is a reminder if you haven't registered to our Risk Management workshop get your ticket now. Thank you to those who have already registered. 

Do you know the risks that are in your business? We can help you.

Join our face to face workshop that breaks down the basics of risk management in a way that's easy to understand and apply to your own business. Learn how to spotanalyse, and deal with risks and opportunities, giving your organisation a better shot at achieving those goals.

We'll be diving into 3 main areas:

  • Risk identification - Figuring out what risks are hanging around

  • Risk analysis - Breaking down and evaluating those risks

  • Risk response and treatment - Figuring out how to deal with them

For Tongan Speakers: This workshop will also be available in Tongan language so regardless of your background you'll be in the loop and ready to make the most of it. 

Our facilitator, Andy Burrows is the founder of The Trades Coach where he helps turn your trade skills into an operational and economical business. Being a skilled tradesperson is one thing but running a successful business is different. That's where Andy steps in. He has been helping trades business owners achieve their goals since 2005. Prior to that, he held management roles in marketing and general management after obtaining his Bachelor of Commerce degree at Auckland University in 1981. Currently, Andy is bringing his expertise to our workshops on Risk Management. Join us and find out how we can help you fill in the blanks and make your business thrive. 

When: Thursday 4-6 pm  16 November 2023

Where: Level 2, 45 O'rorke Road Penrose, Auckland

Register Here

Global Dream - Danika & Tumua's journey

PBT introduces business owners Danika Cooper and Tumua Pili Tuifao, the power couple behind Danika Jewellery. Their story is one of dreams and dedication that resonates with everyone.

It all started when Tumua couldn't find jewellery that truly fit. Determined to break barriers, the couple decided to create each piece, addressing the gaps in an industry that often overlooked the diverse beauty of its wearers. This became more than a business; it was a commitment a promise that meant a lot to them.

Navigating the path of a small jewellery business is tough, with economic challenges and ever-changing markets. For Danika and Tumua, it wasn't just about adapting from online to retail; it was about finding spaces that aligned with their vision. Despite challenges, their dedication to authenticity and storytelling prevailed.

What makes them stand out is not just their focus on custom-made products but their commitment to crafting family heirlooms. Danika and Tumua believe in creating pieces that withstand time, serving as gifts passed down through generations. Their commitment to educating customers goes beyond transactions making each piece a unique story.

At Danika Cooper, the design process is a collaboration not a routine. Their collection reflects their personal stories and they don't just make jewellery; they invest in their customers by taking financial risks on customised pieces. Each creation is a journey, an honor, a story told with respect and passion.

In the fashion industry, Danika envisions a global impact. Their pieces aren't limited to the Pacific; they aspire to bring joy and connection worldwide. The couple dreams of their collection transcending cultural boundaries, marking special occasions and connecting generations through the language of jewellery.

For the couple, the support of their community is vital for their business to thrive. Being embraced by their community gave them a sense of belonging, helping them turn challenges into opportunities and using negative experiences as a catalyst for growth. This, in turn has inspired confidence in others.

Tumua's advice to young entrepreneurs is simple: the world is full of opportunities and you just need to find yours. In a personal conversation with the couple, they stressed the importance of trusting the process, not giving up when faced with obstacles and learning from setbacks.

Danika expressed her gratitude for the support she received through our programmes and services, including one-on-one health checks with our business advisors. They are both excited about the future.

Reflecting on their journey, they talk about changing stories and reaching new heights. Their goal goes beyond jewellery; it's about educating and empowering their community, creating positive stories and embracing unexpected plans that lead to beautiful destinations. Danika Cooper isn't just a brand; it's an inspiration, a testament to love, resilience and the power of forging meaningful connections that transcend time and borders. With Christmas around the corner check out her online store Danika Cooper and treat yourself or your loved ones to a custom-made jewellery.

Book Now - Mana Moana

PBT is excited to support Mana Moana at the Auckland Spark Arena. Following a sold-out show in Wellington, the Signature Choir, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (NZSO) and Live Nation are bringing this historic event to Auckland Friday 24 Nov at 7:30 pm.

This marks one of the first times a Pacific Choir collaborates with a professional orchestra for a full Pacific music programme—a celebration of the fusion of symphony and songs from Cook Islands, Fiji, Niue, Samoa and Tonga.

Click here for a sneak peek of the Wellington concert and make sure to secure your tickets starting at $20 so get in quick, be part of something awesome and help our brothers and sisters make history with Mana Moana. 

Buy Tickets

BA Seiuli on PFFS Business Capability Building

Every year as part of the Pacific Fusion Fashion Show (PFFS) Designer Package, the organisers hold a Business Capability Building Workshop that covers various aspects of small business development and hear from successful Pasifika people and organisations like WE Mana and Panikeke. This year our Wellington Business Advisor Seiuli Verona Ah Ching-Parker was asked to share about her experience in the business industry discussing her journey, what she's learned, what strategies have worked and what challenges were faced.

More than 10 designers who will  be showcasing at the December 1st event, were in attendance at the online workshop, including those from Quam, New Caledonia and from around New Zealand. 

PBT extend our best wishes to the designers and PFFS organisers for the upcoming showcase. Click here to keep up to date with the event.

Upcoming Workshops

AUCKLAND | Understanding Tenders & Contract | 23 Nov Thurs 4-6 PM

This workshop teaches you how to identify and assess construction opportunities, how to prepare and submit tenders, contract negotiations and making sure your health and safety compliance in all areas of your business.

AUCKLAND | Pricing To Win | 30 Thurs 4-6 PM

This workshop shares how to price tenders and demonstrate good practice. Developed in collaboration with our large suppliers, contractors and businesses who are seeking Pasifika businesses to fulfill contracts, this workshop shares the very latest knowledge and expertise on tender pricing. 

Monuina e aho (Have a great day).

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